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Bags & Fashion Accessories Inspection Service

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Bags & Fashion Accessories We Inspect

As innovation gives rise to new and better-quality products, implementing quality control in the manufacturing and inspection of bags has become inevitable. This applies to fashion accessories as well.

Quality issues can hamper your brand’s reputation as well as derail your supply chain efficiency, resulting in losses. Implementing effective quality systems in bags inspection, however, will help you fulfill end-user expectations in terms of safety standards and product delivery.

China-based Platinum offers reliable bags and accessories inspection services at each stage of the supply chain. Whether it is choosing a new supplier, managing processes, or shipping the products, we will verify the quality, specifications, functionality, safety, and compliance of your products in accordance with the standards of the destination market.

Bags & Fashion Accessories We Inspect

At UK Platinum, we work with brand owners, dealers, and retailers. We offer customized quality control solutions in China for your bags or fashion accessories to give your enterprise a competitive edge.

Standards Used in All Inspections

Sampling standard: ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO2859-1)

Inspection standard: Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL)

Our Bags and Accessories Inspection Include the Following Checks:

Why You Need Bags and Fashion Accessories Inspection

The experts at Platinum will conduct a number of tests on products as part of their inspection process. These tests are tailored to perform the most optimal bags and fashion accessories inspection as per our unique checklist. Apart from this, we take into consideration the regulations of the destination market to identify defects and take corrective action early in the production process. We will ensure that your products comply with all relevant and necessary quality and safety standards.