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Container Loading Inspection Service in China

Container loading inspection (CLI) in China entails overseeing the loading of products or industrial goods into shipping containers. Inspectors verify the quantity, style, and packaging of the products and ensure that all the export cartons are placed in a safe environment.

The containers are usually loaded at the factory where the goods were manufactured, after the pre-shipment inspection, i.e. before the products are sealed and delivered for export.

How Does UK Platinum Perform The Container Loading
Inspection in China

At UK Platinum, we believe it is crucial to verify the condition of the goods to ensure their consistency, evaluate whether or not the loading process is effective, and check if the containers are sealed properly.

The process of Container Loading Supervision in China includes:

Why You Need Container Loading Inspection Service in China

Our thorough container loading inspection in China ascertains that your finished goods are handled with care at the time of being loaded into containers. This, in turn, results in safe transportation and delivery.

Performing container inspection also ensures that the right products are shipped in a safe environment to avoid fraud or trade disputes.

It helps to arrange for a container loading inspection when: