There was a time when those in business speaking about global powers would not have thought China would one day be a part of that. Even loss think that they have a rapidly growing market that puts them second in the world. But while it is now possible for companies to import from China and do more business with them than ever before, there are still some complexities to navigate to reap the benefits. But those benefits are high and that is why more and more companies from Britain and the rest of the world are taking these steps. But where are these opportunities? A lot of UK businesses, especially those that are small to medium in size might feel unsure about how to take advantage of what China has to offer.

Using suppliers in the UK versus China

When ordering from other businesses in the UK things to be fairly simple and you more often than not get what you ordered when it is needed. It makes things like stock control and cash flow easy to manage. But the disadvantage, of course, is apart from paying more for the product you are selling the same thing other people are selling. You do not stand out from your competitors and are not offering consumers anything new. To secure a more interesting product and to take advantage of cheaper options more are choosing to import from China. But the process is not the same and takes some navigating.

Use a reputable agent in China

To find a good supplier in China it can take a lot of homework and even then you might find yourself having to deal with several options before getting a partnership going that works. When you import from China it is a good idea then to use an agent with an outstanding reputation who has the experience and can help you navigate working with a Chinese manufacturer or supplier. They can ensure your goods are to the specifications and at the right quality levels, you have set. They can make sure the quantities are correct and help with the cultural differences in dealing with Chinese businesses.

There are a few ways you can find a good agent. The trade departments in the embassies often have agents on their books they recommend to businesses. In the UK you can look at the local trade association who can help provide you with agencies who would prove invaluable to you.

Check out international trade fairs

There are also trade exhibitions you can attend and learn more. International trade fairs can be a great source of information for people to do business with, who you might want to use to import from China, as well as products you might want to buy. You can find Chinese companies at many of the larger international trade fairs who want to work with businesses in the UK, Europe and elsewhere. Your local trade association will have details on where and when such shows are taking place.

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