If you are looking for cheaper ways to get products manufactured so that you can boost your profits you might want to take a longer look at the option to import from China. While there are some real benefits to going this route there are also some pitfalls so here is a look at how to go about it and what you might want to consider as you do your research.

  1. Look at high ranking sites with a good reputation – Check out their websites, look at their domain name, look for a physical address and phone number, see what response you get if you call it. Sometimes a site that is ranked well when you search, might just be there because it is good at branding themselves. While this is a good first look it should not be the only bit of homework you do when you want to import from China.
  2. Be clear about requirements and arrange quotes – When you have a few names you can get in touch with what it is you want and ask for quotes. It is important to be very detailed and specific and to see high standards in delivery and manufacturing quality. Make sure all those possible parties know those requirements. Look for reputable businesses with a history of importing quality products. Set out what you expect with packing and consider adding graphics so that it is clear.
  3. Be clear about branding requirements – Another thing to be very detailed and clear about are any branding requirements you have. Be prepared to spend some money on getting that just right as customers do value that.
  4. Make sure minimum safety and standard requirements are clear – Look into any minimum requirements there are where you intend to sell for materials used and safety requirements. Make sure you meet at least the minimum if not exceeding it. There is a perception that when you import from China the quality of the product is going to be low. That is not true as long you set requirements and find a reliable manufacturer that sticks to them.
  5. What is their minimum order requirement? – All suppliers will have a requirement that you order a minimum amount. Make sure you meet that. Buying bulk saves you money.
  6. Can they meet your delivery date requirement? – There can be some Chinese suppliers who are not great at sticking to deadlines so make sure your date is clear and that they can meet it. You could invest in a consultancy service to help mediate when it comes to quality control and meeting deadlines.
  7. Check the payments accepted – There was a time when it was harder to do business with China because of the lack of payment options. Now things are a lot better but double-check and have an alternative payment in mind in case your first choice is not possible.


When you import from China a lot of the learning curve is about using common sense and doing a little research. Once you have some experience this will get easier and you will certainly appreciate the savings you see.

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