It is common to see products from all kinds of industries that are made in China then exported around the world. There are some exciting things for businesses that are considering whether to import from China. Lower costs are especially a big draw because of the lower wages paid to workers. But there are also some common concerns or negative views about the whole thing of doing business with China so some people hesitate to take the plunge. Here is a look at some of those concerns and whether they are accurate and what you can do.

Payment options are less secure and limited

At one time this was true. There was a time when businesses in China would only accept bank transfers, wire transfers or Western-Union transfers. These were not always secure and it was certainly not convenient. But in the last decade or so things have changed quite a bit. China has made sure it is easier to do business with them and more international means of payments are now available.

There are also places like Paypal, where should a supplier ask for a credit card payment you can use Paypal, or another third-party processor, to channel that payment through. This means that as well as your data being protected, should there be problems with a transaction, you can order the payment to be held. There are also additional international payment options now.

There is more risk of being cheated

Some have concerns that when you import from China you are going to be cheated somehow. Not all Chinese business people are untrustworthy at all. Learn about how they do business in China and that can help. You can also take the time to find reliable suppliers or manufacturers and find an export-import agent who has the experience and can help with negotiations and such.

It is hard to communicate with Chinese businesses

Of course, there is a language barrier. But more Chinese companies are adding staff in key areas who can communicate well in English too. There are also other options including doing some of the communication using tools like Skype or Messenger. An agent for imports and exports could also help with ensuring communication is clear both ways.

Products are poorly made and unsafe

A lot of people think anything made in China is done poorly using substandard manufacturing skills and poor quality materials. While some products might fit that view, the vast majority of products a business might import from China are made well. Just think of some of those big industry names!

The problem in fact might not lie with China and its manufacturers but with their customers and the specifications and standards they set, or fail to set. It is your job to make sure what you order complies with the standards where you are. Get a sample first before you buy a huge order. You could also hire a company that can handle everything like that for you from quality control to product sourcing.

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