Pulse Oximeters 

Since the world was hit by the COVID-19 virus, the daily number of cases has been increasing rapidly. Medical professionals are busy working day and night to treat the infected patients and scientists are researching to find a possible cure for the disease. So it must be our duty at this critical time to stay informed and safe at home and do our bit to help flatten the curve. Contact Temar for Wholesale buying or individual on WhatsApp: 03115555945

Many patients infected from the COVID-19 virus may suffer from abnormally low-levels of blood saturation without even realising it. The normal oxygen saturation usually lies between 95% – 100% (SpO2). When this drops below 92% (SpO2), it may lead to symptoms like breathlessness where you may need immediate medical assistance. 

So if a person has a mild case of COVID-19 and is self-treating at home, a pulse oximeter can be a helpful tool for checking oxygen levels. 

If you are looking for a pulse oximeter that provides the best value and affordability, look no further than this dual-color pulse oximeter from Temar pharmacy. 

This magic tool helps you check the amount of oxygen in your blood, it can warn you about the falling oxygen level and a potential shortness of breath, which is a major symptom of coronavirus. It doesn’t let you wait for the prominent symptoms to fully come up and create an emergency situation. This device measures quickly and provides an accurate heart rate and pulse oximetry reading in seconds. 

 The Temar pulse oximeter comes in a nice, sleek design that fits comfortable in your hand or pocket. And if you’re the type of person who does not like too many items in your pockets, it comes with a carrying case and a lanyard as well 

One thing that stands out about Temar pulse oximetre is his bright LED screen that has an auto-screen rotation, meaning that the display will show on whichever side is most convenient for you. It also has auto-brightness adjustment features that will set the optimal screen brightness levels no matter if you’re in a light or dark setting. It also has long battery life – more than 30 hours of continuous operation. Changing out the battery is also fairly effortless because the back pop on and off easily. Contact Temar for Wholesale buying or individual on WhatsApp: 03115555945

Product Description 

 Accurately determine your SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation level), heart rate and perfusion index. A monitor allows you to know your health status anytime, anywhere. 

 Fits all finger sizes from kids above four years old to adults. 

 SpO2 and Pulse Rate are graphed on the bright LED display. The LED display cover prevents ambient light washout, making readings crisp and clear. Average time for a reading is 8~10 seconds. 

 Equipped with two AAA batteries, the oximeter automatically powers off when not in use and delivers up to 24 continuous hours of battery life. 

 Light and compact, it comes in a convenient travel case that protects it from 

Scratches when carried on its own or inside your gym bag or backpack. Attach the included lanyard to the case or directly to the oximeter for easy reach anytime. 

Usage Information 

 Install two AAA batteries according to the Battery Installation instructions. 

 Place one of your fingers into the rubber opening of the pulse oximeter. 

 Press the switch button one time on front panel to turn the pulse oximeter on. 

 Keep your hands still for the reading. Do not shake your finger during the test. It is recommended that you do not move your body while taking a reading. 

 Read the data from the display screen.

Safety Information 

 Keep the oximeter away from dust, vibration, corrosive substances, explosive materials, high temperatures, and moisture. 

 Do not have the oximeter immerged in liquid. When it needs cleaning, please wipe its surface with medical alcohol on soft material. Do not spray any liquid on the device directly. 

 As to the fingers which are too thin or too cold, it would probably affect the normal measure of the patients’ SpO2 and pulse rate. Please clip a thick finger such as thumb and middle finger deeply enough into the probe 

 When it is carried from cold environment to a warm or humid environment, please do not use it immediately. 


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